• Per page payout $8 USD.
  •  300 sheets excel work.
  •  20 days time limit.
  • payment- $2400 USD /per project
  • monthly 1 projects
  • monthly payout- $2400 USD
  • Subscription fees = $99 USD
  • contract period 2 year

Sample Work

We permit 3 blunders in a solitary page, on the off chance that it surpasses as far as possible, the page will be dropped

An up-and-comer must need to acquire procures $100 USD/ – or more to get the following task and payout.

The undertaking would not be acknowledged whether applicant submit under 50 sheets. so applicants must need to submit 50 sheets or above. in any case the undertaking will be ended.

When we sent you the undertaking by email and its convey to your mail id, at that point it can’t be dropped and return back.

For the situation in any way, shape or form the task not finished at any rate least accommodation level, Company won’t be liable for that.